About Us:

M/s WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD, headquartered in Hyderabad,India but operating globally. We are the promoters with enriched experience of more than three decades in the field of agri produce marketing ,rice milling and Government Policy advisors with inhouse sourcing to pan India procurement.In the previous year, we have procured over 1,00,000 metric tons of grain to international exporters to various countries, mainly Africa etc. Rice was the highest in volume apart from Yellow Corn,Corn Flour,Cashew Nuts(Raw and Processed) Wheat,Wheat Flour,Red Chillies,Coconut Fibre Coir,Coconut Peat,Sugar,Spices and various other grains. We have teamed together to form WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD Our strength lies in bringing commodities from where they are farmed, milled, processed or mined to where they are consumed and managing the entire supply chain in the process.

Core values
Customer satisfaction is paramount to business success – we strive to exceed customer expectations. We are results-oriented – we seek continuous improvement through aggressive, attainable goals. We are committed to innovation – innovation can transform the way our customers do business. Great teams build great companies – we seek to attract, develop, and retain leading talent. We aspire to lead – by setting the standard that others emulate. We are honest and fair – in our dealings with customers, partners, shareholders, communities and each other.
How We Are Unique :
--> WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD infrastructure is supported by lab and world class quality control facilities.
--> WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD exports all types of premium quality rice and Yellow Corn,Corn Flour,Cashew Nuts(Raw and Processed) Wheat,Wheat Flour,Red Chillies,Coconut Fibre Coir,Coconut Peat,Sugar,Spices and various other grains across the Globe and it has been a highly adored and appreciated name for years.
Corporate Profile
WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD located at Hyderabad. Company deals with various types of agricultural commodities, core competence being Rice, Yellow Corn,Corn Flour,Cashew Nuts(Raw and Processed) Wheat,Wheat Flour,Red Chillies,Coconut Fibre Coir,Coconut Peat,Sugar,Spices and various other grains. At WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD, strict quality standards are maintained with a simple business model. It has trained, experienced and a dedicated team to identify the best quality grain and procure the same. Company has the state of the art storage facility located across the state with a storage capacity of 10,000 Metric tons where the procured grain is kept. The exported produce is mostly processed at processing units and mills under the umbrella of WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD partners, promoters and their associates.
Our Strength
With this background the best Quality Rice and other grains are procured from the market and supplied in the stipulated time period.
One of the main strengths of the company being the social cause it is working on uplifting the poor and needy farmers. This is done by providing paddy fields, seeds, fertilizers and other requirements. The produced is bought back by the company in the open market.
WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD strictly adheres to quality, quantity and time-line. Group’s in- house milling capacity is approximately 500 tons per day. Other than the produce from its paddy fields procurements are also done pan India.

Vision / Mission:

At WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD, our vision extends well beyond commodity sales. Our relationships are the means to bond people and cultures across the world through the common language of food. This is the power of 'Food Connect' which enables us to leverage our position as a leading producer and exporter of rice, a product that's staple to half the world's population. WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD aims to be truly global packaged food company.
Customer satisfaction is the core of all endeavours. We strive to build a strong relation with our clients by offering best quality business.

Our Strengths

-> Q3C – Quality, Capability, Capacity and Continuity
-> Customer satisfaction is the paramount to our Business
-> Pioneers in the procurement
-> On time delivery (JIT- Just In Time)
-> storage capacity is 10,000 Mt in covered warehouse and plinth storage.
-> Infrastructure is supported by lab and world class quality control facilities.
-> Exports all types of premium quality rice, Maize, pulses etc, across the globe .
-> Team of highly experienced personnel, who are the icons in different specific areas of the industry.
-> Sufficient capacity to drive future growth through both warehouses and Manufacturing capacity.

Quality Assurance

WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD is the regular Indian privately held rice export company. Our infrastructure includes state of the art milling technologies that are certified to meet world- class quality standards.
Quality is the touchstone that forms the reputation. Our facilities conform to the world-class standards. Regular audits by accredited organization ensure that we deliver only the best to our customers.

Safety Policy

WINDSOR EXIM PVT LTD, we see sound and responsible environmental, health and safety (EHS) management as an integral part of achieving our goal to grow the value of our food businesses for our shareowners. We aim to ensure that in the course of our business activities we not only minimize our impact on the environment; but also look after the health and safety interests of our employees; in addition to seeking opportunities to improve the local environment and the communities in which we operate. We believe that such an approach will generate and sustain significant environmental, social and financial benefits, thereby contributing to our objective of long-term sustainability.

-> Maintain and continually improve systems to manage our EHS responsibilities, establishing and ensuring employee accountability for our EHS performance at all levels of the organization.
-> Conduct our business in compliance with environmental, health and safety laws and with our global standards, and regularly assess the compliance of our operations against these requirements.
-> Set clear targets for continual improvement in our EHS performance and monitor these targets to ensure that they are met.
-> Strive to prevent pollution and to minimize the environmental costs and impacts of our global operations.
-> Provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees, contractors and other visitors to our sites.
-> Assess and eliminate or control the EHS risks of new and existing operations, and continually assess the environmental performance of our products, seeking ways to contribute positively to their performance.
-> Train and motivate our employees to understand their EHS responsibilities and to participate actively in our EHS programs.
-> Work with our supply chain and business partners to improve our collective EHS performance, to protect the ecosystems that provide our raw materials and to minimize the impacts from transportation.
-> Communicate with our shareowners, employees, customers and other interested parties by regularly reporting on our EHS performance and maintaining an open dialogue.
-> Review and update this policy regularly.