India, a country that is rich in heritage and tradition, is well known all over the world for its spices. No one can do without Indian spices as they have ruled over the minds and hearts of all, around the world. India was the nerve center of the spice trade and it is these very spices that led to various countries invading India as well as the discovery of the Americas by Columbus.

Windsor spices give food its best taste and flavour. It provides a variety of spices and these spices are natural from the way they are grown to how they are steam treated, blended and packaged. Pride and care go into each product. No preservatives and colorants are added.

Indian Spices are:Pepper,Cumin,Cinnamon,Cinnamon,, Black Cardamom,Green Cardamom,Ginger,Coriander Powder,Turmeric,Red Chillies,Fenugreek Seeds,Fennel Seeds.

Our successful origination in the global spice industry is due to our strength and experience to navigate this complex market. We export spice in Whole and Grounded Form for the importers who either process and pack in their units or sell directly to the shops and end customers